Leaflet SpatialPolygonsDataFrame color

Hi community,
I'm trying to create a map with leaflets.

The map should display a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame, where the Best.partition attribute should be taken into account for coloring.

Consider that the Best.partition can be 2, 3, 4 depending on the number of cluster that we are using.

The code shown here is what I'm using with failure.

pal_1 <- reactive({
           domain = Zone()$zone...Best.partition,
           bins = max(unique_zones()))


  leaflet() %>%

    addProviderTiles(provider = providers$Esri.WorldImagery) %>%

    addPolygons(data = Zone(),
                fillColor = ~pal_1(zone...Best.partition),
                color = "#black")


In fact the console tells me
Warning: Error in pal_1: unused argument (zone...Best.partition)

i am using r mackdown with runtime:shiny

can anyone help me to render well the map?

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