Learnr quiz on shinyapps.io does not load

I am trying to publish a learnr tutorial on shinyapps .io

Everything works well if I render on my local machine.
However, on shinyapps it does not load the multiple choice quizzes.

It keeps saying Loading:

I get

The tutorial is here: https://compstat-lmu.shinyapps.io/tutorial-ml-basics/
The entire code is here (main file: tutorial-ml-basics.Rmd): https://github.com/compstat-lmu/lecture_i2ml_learnr_tutorials/tree/refactoring-w1920/ml-basics

The quiz is created as follows:

question("Which statements are true?",
    answer("Machine learning is a branch of statistics and computer science.", correct = TRUE),
    answer("A model $f$  is a mapping from the feature space to the target space.", correct = TRUE),
    answer("The goal of an ML algorithm is to yield a model that reproduces the already seen data as accurately as possible."),
    answer("ML algorithms try to predict the target variable as accurately as possible based on the values of the features.", correct = TRUE),
    answer("Supervised learning tasks are prediction problems.",
        correct = TRUE),
    answer("Unsupervised learning tries to discover structure and patterns in
           the training data.",
        correct = TRUE)

Ok, never mind. It just started working now.

I have no idea why, but it works. I did not even upload a new version.
Seems like waiting did the trick :woman_shrugging:

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