learnr style appears to be broken on re-publish

I pushed a few simple text updates to my course learnr site today, and the style appears to be broken.

Here's an example of a page I updated and the custom style is largely ignored: https://learn.themethodsection.com/duke/702/

And here's a page that I have not re-published yet and the custom style is applied: Global health research

I did not move the css file, edit the css file, or make any changes to the YAML heading. I'm using learnr 0.10.1.

Are there any clues on these pages that might tell me why the second one applies the style, but the first one (the updated one) does not?

I'm fairly certain the issue you're seeing is the result of a recent-ish change in rmarkdown that is causing your custom CSS files to be loaded before the default styles rather than after. I just pushed a fix for this to learnr, would you mind trying it out and letting me know if it works for you?

# Install {learnr} from the PR branch

Thanks, @grrrck! I appreciate your help on this.

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