Life Science & Pharma BoF at rstudio::conf 2020

Hosted by Phil Bowsher (@PhilBowsher) and Jason Milnes (@jasonmilnes)
Sponsored by Genentech
When: Wednesday, Lunch
Where: Continental 7-9

The lunch will start with a talk, "Data science with R for personalized and efficient drug development," from Devin Incerti at Genentech . We will then transition over to some mildly structured networking activities for attendees. This year we will have "Table Topics" with the following people helping the conversations:

Kevin Ushey Reproducibility
Alison Hill R Markdown
Sean Lopp Packages
Mel Gregory RStudio Cloud
Max Kuhn Machine Learning
Steve Nolen Cloud
Scott Jackson Python
Kelly O'Briant Shiny Production

Where is Continental 7-9?


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