List of rstudio::conf 2020 watch parties: R Calendar

RStudio Conference Watch Parties Around The World

Wednesday 29, 2019, 8:00 AM Pacific Time

8AM - useR Group in San Luis Obispo County: rstudio::conf Watch Party

11AM - Duke University

1PM - Santiago - Grupo de Usuarios de R en Chile: rstudio::conf 2020 Keynote Watch Party
1PM - R-Ladies Santiago: rstudio::conf(2020) WATCH PARTY
1PM - R en Buenos Aires: ¡Watch party de la RStudio::conf 2020!
1PM - R-Ladies Buenos Aires: ¡Watchparty de la RStudio::conf 2020!
1PM - R-Ladies Montevideo: Watch party: RStudio::conf 2020
1PM - Montevideo - GURU::mvd: Watch party: RStudio::conf 2020

4PM - R-Ladies Edinburgh: rstudio::conf 2020 Watch Party
4PM - LondonR: External registration req: rstudio::conf 2020 watch party

5PM - Berlin R Users Group: #42 rstudio::conf(2020) Watch Party
5PM - R-Ladies Berlin: rstudio::conf(2020) Watch Party
5PM - Düsseldorf R User Group: Live stream of rstudio::conf(2020), feat. speakers from RStudio and Google Brain
5PM - R-Ladies Budapest: rstudio::conf(2020) Watch Parties Budapest
5PM - Budapest Users of R Network: rstudio::conf(2020) Watch Party
5PM - Spotkania Entuzjastów R-Warsaw RUG Meetup & R-Ladies Warsaw: RStudio::conf Watch Party in Warsaw - 29.01.2020
5PM - Lagos R User Group: Rstudio Lagos Watch Party

6PM - R-Ladies Bucharest Community #5 - rstudio::conf 2020 Watch Party
6PM - Johannesburg R User Group (R Programming Language): rstudio::conf 2020 Watch Party
6PM - R-Ladies Johannesburg: rstudio::conf(2020) Watch Party


How can I set-up a watch party for my R-Ladies Pune chapter?

Details about the watch party Pre-game here;

And after that, folks can choose their own adventure via the live stream at

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