Load large file on private Shiny server

Hi !

I have a file to load on my personal Shiny server.
When I open a connection and keep page active, there is no need to reload it : when I access the page over an other computer, there is no time charging. This is great.

Still, I want a better result. There is a combo with library(promises); library(future); plan(multisession).
But please, I need help.

I have a file hash.Rdata that contain 5 objects. The size of hash.Rdata is about 35 MB and it takes 10 sec.
I need a way to a user access the page during the loading. I try this , but it doesn't work :

  t0 <- Sys.time()
  load("www/all_hash.Rdata",envir = )
}) %...>% (function(result) {
  tB <- Sys.time()
  message(paste("Time for load hash table : ", (tB - t0)))

Example : shiny.sekrane.fr/C10_T6/

Thanks by advance ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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