Loading and plotting map (longitudinal and latitudinal) data


I am working on a project with fictional data to help me learn. I have a file (source) which contains a CSV file with lon/lat information about cycling stations in the 'Divvy_Stations_2013.csv' file - I saw too there is a .shp file, however, i wanted to generate a plot from the CSV using the lon/lat data as this is what I would mostly work in (not .shp files).

I have been trying to research how I could do this and got this far - however got stuck and was looking for help and points on how I could do this. What I am trying to do is plot each row onto a long/lat chart (or map if possible?) - using this I got started with:


my_sf <- st_as_sf(my_df, coords = c('LON', 'LAT')
my_sf <- st_set_crs(my_sf, crs = 4326)

#Plotting the data
ggplot(my_sf) + 
  geom_sf(aes(color = cluster))

I have not gotten as far as plotting the data yet, I get stuck with st_set_crs() as I get the error

> my_sf <- st_as_sf(my_df2, coords=c('LON', 'LAT')
+ my_sf <- st_set_crs(my_sf, crs=4326)

Error: unexpected symbol in:
"my_sf <- st_as_sf(my_df2, coords=c('LON', 'LAT')

I think it could be a problem with the crs="" argument -- when researching this it looks like it is a coordinate reference system to be assigned (but I am not sure what this is and if 43

This will explain how.

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