Local Git Repo in Google Team Drive

At work we currently keep all of our code in GitHub and then have non-code documents stored in a google team drive (and since we collaborate with people who don't code, moving everything into .Rmd instead of google docs, sheets, etc. isn't an option, as nice as it would be).

What I'm wondering is - instead of having the local copy of our GitHub repos stored inside the Documents folder of my PC, can I just clone repos into the project folder on the Team Drive? Still use GitHub for version control and collaboration, just move where the local copy is stored so that everything related to a project is in one folder.

My worry here is that the way Team Drive syncs things might mess up how git works - for example, If I'm working on one branch and a coworker checks out a different branch, would Team Drive pick up on that change and the next time I start working I'm suddenly on the branch my coworker was on?

Does anyone here use GitHub for collaboration and version control but also store repos in Drive so that they're with the associated google docs? Has it worked for you?

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