Local Host Error

I am not sure how to fix or configure my computer to overcome this error and it is preventing me from performing several tasks including uploading to my shinyapps.io cloud server.

> devtools::install_github('rstudio/shinyapps')
Error in curl::curl_fetch_memory(url, handle = h) : 
  Unsupported proxy 'https://localhost:1410/', libcurl is built without the HTTPS-proxy support.

Can you provide some more information? Which OS and versions of devtools and curl.

Maybe try updating the packages in case you have a version with a bug that got fixed:


This was my first line of attack, but it didn't change my error

The package shinyapps has been deprecated for a couple of years now.
One should use the rsconnect package to deploy to shinyapps.io.

That said, you appear to have a local HTTP proxy that does not support HTTPS, and that will prove to still be an issue.

I have the issue with the rsconnect as well which prompted me to try the different approach, do you have a good link, or any guidance on how to overcome the http proxy issue?

You have a local proxy running. I have no idea what software that is, so I cannot direct you.
If you cannot disable the proxy, and it is there because of your IT department, I would suggest reaching out to them for help.

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