login page for paid subscription and possible accounts

currently I'm only using the free account.
For Authentication I need a paid substription.
With the professional subscription I can use my own domains.
When users visit the page shiny.mydomain.de/xyz which login window will apear? Is it customizable? Will the user see the name shinyapps.io?
Can users be registered with their own email addresses or do they need to login via google-account?

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You might want to check out the polished R package: https://github.com/Tychobra/polished

polished makes it super simple to add authentication and user management to your Shiny apps. You can customize the sign in page to fit your brand.

The long term goal of polished is to make it super simple to create Shiny SaaS apps, and, to that end, I am working on an extension to polished called polishedpayments: https://github.com/Tychobra/polishedpayments

polishedpayments adds a Stripe subscription and user "Billing" page to your polished Shiny apps. All you have to do is provide your Stripe keys and pricing info, and polishedpayments does the rest. An app using polished with polishedpayments looks like this:

page 1: sign in page. e.g.

page 2: your Shiny app. This would be replaced by the custom Shiny app that you develop. e.g.

note the "Payments" link in the top right of the above screenshot that links to
page 3. Your shiny app user's billing page:

polishedpayments is still very experimental, so let me know if you have issues or feedback!