Looking to run R Studio analysis from a website

Looking to report realtime results from a questionnaire. We already have what we need in R Studio, but would like to run it without the desktop.


I have a few questions to understand better what you are after: What does "realtime" mean in your case? Do you need some code that is constantly running and reacts to certain events? Do you have analysis code that needs to run at regular instances?

We have desktop R Studio and run an analysis on questions from our participants. We would like to get our z score and run the analysis against the profiles we created for a recommendation to be presented to the participant after they have completed the questions. Our form is filled out on a hosted website.

Let me try to explain what I have understood (or guessed!) so far:

  • You have a questionnaire that is externally hosted.
  • You have R code that produces a recommendation for the participant based on the answers.
  • You want to provide these recommendations to the participant right after they have filled out the questionnaire.

This leads me to further questions:

  • What possibilities does the externally hosted questionnaire offer? Could you, e.g. call an API with the answers as argument and present the result to the user? Could you forward the user to a different web page that displays the recommendations?
  • Especially if the existing questionnaire is not very flexible: Would it be possible to change how the questionnaire is hosted?