map_shape_click$id as reactive value

I would like to make a shiny app where the coloring of polygons depends on the clicked polygon. I can get it to work when everything is static but using reacitve values kinda trips me up.

Essentially, what I think I have to do is to set the domain argument of the palette and the fill color argument as reactive values.

stgt.counts is my shapefile.

app <- shinyApp(

  ui = bootstrapPage(


  server = function(input, output) { <- reactive({
      paste0("count", input$map_shape_click$id)

    filtered.domain <- reactive({
      paste0("stgt.counts$count", input$map_shape_click$id)

    output$map <- renderLeaflet({ 

      zone <-
      domain <- filtered.domain()
      bins <- c(0,1,2,5,6,7,8)
      pal <- colorBin("YlOrRd", domain = domain, bins = bins)

      m <- leaflet(stgt.counts) %>%

      m %>% addPolygons(
        fillColor = ~pal(zone),
        weight = 2,
        layerID = ~NO,
        opacity = 1, 
        color = "white",
        dashArray = "3",
        fillOpacity = 0.7


    output$text <- renderText({
      if (is.null(input$map_shape_click$id)) return()


The current warning I get is "Warning: Error in cut.default: 'x' must be numeric' - Which I suppose is because zone and domain are strings. Is that right? As this is my first shiny app using reactives I'm guessing there's a much better way to do this. Any help is highly appreciated.

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