Mathematical formula in html output in any browser cannot show but in the preview pane it can

Few days ago, the formulas in the output html can still show successfully even though response time is a little long. However, now the formulas cannot show when I open it in the browser(I have tried many browsers) but it can still show in the preview pane in the R Studio. I have done nothing during the period so I am quite confused about it.
And now I cannot also read the lecture notes successfully. I hope someone can help me solve this problem. :tired_face:Thanks!!!!

Thanks for your answer. I think problem may be related to the MathJax. And I search some information about how to use the it but what I can get is that I can include some codes in the input file and then the formulas can show in the output file successfully. However, the greatest problem now is that I cannot view the lecture notes successfully and of course I cannot get the original codes from m teacher. Since I am not quite familiar with MathJax, could you tell me what I should do after I download the MathJax? Thank you very much.

yes this should be because Mathjax is not loading properly. You could check in the developer console of you browser (F12) why it is not loading properly. Is this an online document you are consulting ?

No, it is a local file. After pressing F12, I found the error shown in the picture. Could you please tell me what I should do to solve it? Thanks!

The issue is not related here (it is about crosstalk not mathjax) but it may show the hint: you may be missing some local file if you were provided with a non self contained document and needing local dependencies to make it work.

We can't really help you with this Matjax rendering error without being able to reproduce this unfortunately...

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