Matplot in Rstudio Viewer

I'm trying to reproduce the code below in Rstudio IDE, everything works fine except that the fonts and lines look too big in Rstudio plot viewer.
I have tried the code in Rmarkdown and it worked fine.
I'm using Rstudio 2022.02.3 Build 492

from reliability.Distributions import Weibull_Distribution
from reliability.Fitters import Fit_Weibull_2P
from reliability.Probability_plotting import plot_points
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

dist = Weibull_Distribution(alpha=30, beta=2)  # creates the distribution object
data = dist.random_samples(20, seed=42)  # draws 20 samples from the distribution. Seeded for repeatability
fit = Fit_Weibull_2P(failures=data)  # fits a Weibull distribution to the data and generates the probability plot
fit.distribution.SF(label='fitted distribution')  # uses the distribution object from Fit_Weibull_2P and plots the survival function
dist.SF(label='original distribution', linestyle='--') # plots the survival function of the original distribution
plot_points(failures=data, func='SF')  # overlays the original data on the survival function


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