Merging the contents of multiple CSV files

I have over 100 CSV files with each containing information only within the first 2-rows (i.e. row-1 and row-2). Row-1 contains the column headings and Row-2 contains the data. The column headings are the same for all the CSV files but only the data (in row-2) varies. I will like to have all the data captured in one CSV file under the same column headings. This could be achieved using Copy or Cut and Paste option in EXCEL but considering the large number of files I am working with, it will be prudent to instead have a code to simplify this task. I will appreciate it greatly if anyone could share with me a code for achieving this objective. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Have a look at this link. It should help

This is a pre-processing task better performed outside R. From the terminal directory containing the csv files (and only those files) to be processed.

$ head 1 *             > collect
$ head 2  * | tail -1  >> collect
$ mv collect collect.csv

then in R

readr::read_csv("collect.csv") -> dat
files <- list.files(path = ".", pattern = ".csv", full.names = TRUE) # adapt to capture all desired files

df <- purrr::map_dfr(files, readr::read_csv, n_max = 1)

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