Microsoft365R testers wanted: Teams chats, Outlook shared mailboxes

Hi all, Microsoft365R author here.

I've just updated the package with the following features:

  • Add support for shared mailboxes to get_business_outlook(). To access a shared mailbox, supply one of the arguments shared_mbox_id , shared_mbox_name or shared_mbox_email specifying the ID, displayname or email address of the mailbox respectively.
  • Add support for Teams chats (including one-on-one, group and meeting chats).
    • Use the list_chats() function to list the chats you're participating in, and the get_chat() function to retrieve a specific chat.
    • A chat object has class ms_chat , which has similar methods to a channel: you can send, list and retrieve messages, and list and retrieve members/attendees. One difference is that chats don't have an associated file folder, unlike channels.
  • Updated the app permissions for Sharepoint to fix an access issue

However, at the moment I don't have access to a suitable tenant for testing these. This is a request for anyone whose tenant has approved the Microsoft365R app registration to install the development version and try using these features.

If you have previously used OneDrive, Teams and Outlook, everything should still work the same as before.

If you previously tried to use Sharepoint and got an authentication error, you should see a screen requesting you to grant Microsoft365R permission to access your Sharepoint site. You may or may not need an admin to approve the request, depending on your tenant's policies.

Please try it out and let me know of any problems! You can install the package from Github with


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