moments package and calculating skew/kurtosis

I currently use the moments package to calculate skew and kurtosis when I teach statistics using R. However, I've had a small minority of students on Windows 7 who get fatal errors in RStudio with this package. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this or has suggestions on how to address these fatal errors? Also wondering if folks have suggestions for other packages that offer these statistics. Thanks!

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moments seems like the standard package, but there's another that purports to do the same measures: I haven't tested it on any platform.

From many years of early Windows troubleshooting, my guess is that if some but not all of your students are experiencing fatalities and upgrading to current OS version is not an option, but best solution is painful, but usually effective: re-install the OS to a clean state, apply all the service patches. Install R Studio. Test. If it works, continue adding back the collection of pre-existing software until R Studio begins to crash even after hard reboot. It's a weekend's work that only a cash-strapped student would care to undertake in preference to upgrading, but it's the most reliable way of troubleshooting the probem

Thanks for weighing in @technocrat - turns out at least one was running Windows 10 and another Windows 7. Interesting about DescTools - I hadn't run across that package before but it is more actively maintained than moments. I think I'll switch my curriculum to that for the next go around. Thanks!

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