multi-paragraph footnotes?

I need to be able to put footnotes in my text that contain multiple paragraphs. Does anybody know if this is possible?


You can add long footnotes with pandoc.

It works with Rmarkdown and bookdown.
There just seem to be a bug because the footnote is at the end of the book and not moved to the chapter.

An issue should be opened to bookdown I guess.

You're right. It sort of works if you follow Pandoc's method of simply indenting following paragraphs that are supposed to be included in the footnote. However, (at least in the HTML version of the book) at best they get moved to the end of the book and other footnotes later on the same page are mis-numbered. At worst, all multi-paragraph footnotes simply disappear from the HTML version of the book. How do you get them to at least show up at the end of the book? You need to add an empty page at the end of your book for citations, and then the footnote will incorrectly show up there.

I think what's actually happening is that multi-paragraph footnotes are being treated as Citations. Thus they are only included in the References section of the book, as described here:

For non-LaTeX output, you can add an empty chapter as the last chapter of your book. For example, if your last chapter is the Rmd file 06-references.Rmd , its content can be an inline R expression:

`r if (knitr::is_html_output()) '# References {-}'`

Regardless, if you don't include the empty file for references in your book, the footnote will entirely disappear in the HTML version. As far as I can tell there is no way to get it to show up anywhere if there are following footnotes in the chapter. As such, I'm not marking this as a solution.

I've opened an issue on the Bookdown project.

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There is now a fix in the last bookdown version 0.19 (currently still in development)

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As a temporary workaround, leave the whole footnote on one line and insert <br /> <br /> wherever you want a new paragraph in the footnote. This works in both the HTML and Epub version. Not sure on the PDF version yet, as I'm having trouble generating it at the moment.