Multiple Commands are unavailable in Code Tab

I am running R version 4.0.2 and Rstudio version 1.4.890 on Mac,

When I click Code Tab half of the options cannot be selected. Can anyone explain what can cause this?
It is working fine on my Other Windows computer


It seems to me you are using the developer version of RStudio right (based off the version number)? It might be an issue with that. You could try install the regular version and see if it has the same result and if not you can provide RStudio feedback on that (which is the point of the preview version).

Hope this helps,

hi, but it works on any other computers. I checked with other people using Mac. So it seems there is smth more specific
how to provide a feedback to RStudio?


I'm not sure how to do it for the RStudio preview version, but maybe you could open a ticket on the GitHub page


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