Multiple graphs using tidyverse

Hello all,
I have just started work with RShiny. I need to make interactive webpage with some analytics. I am exploring my options in terms of graphics.
I have come across the following code that outputs 4 graphs. When I run this in RShiny I get 3 neat small graphs and one big one. When I run the code using CTRL+SHIFT+K I see the same graphs in a browser but now they are all big. I would like the output to be 3 small graphs and 1 big, and for me to be able to choose which one should be showed as large. Hope someone can guide. Thank you!

title: "Untitled"
output: html_notebook %>%

library(nycflights13) # data is in the flights table
airlines <- read_csv("notebook-tidyverse-airlines.csv") # readr to read in all kinds of data
data <- nycflights13::flights %>%
  left_join(airlines, by= c('carrier' = 'carrier')) %>% # dplyr can join tables
  mutate(name = str_replace(name, "\\w*\\.", ""), #string to remove abb
         name = as.factor(name),
         dow = wday(time_hour)) %>%
  select(name, arr_delay, dow) %>%
  filter(arr_delay > 0)
  samp <- data[sample(1:nrow(data), 500),]
  m <- lm(arr_delay ~ ., samp)

  plot (m) 

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