name columns of multiple data.frames at once

hello, so if you have fore example 3 data.frames with 4 columns each and you want to name the 4 columns (same names) just at once for the 3 data.frames how could it be done ?

in my case i have 3 data.frames ab_PR7 , bt_PR7 and st_PR7

names(bt_PR7)[1] <- "variable"
names(bt_PR7)[2] <- "montant_06_2020"
names(bt_PR7)[3] <- "montant_06_2019"
names(bt_PR7)[4] <- "montant_12_2019"

names(ab_PR7)[1] <- "variable"
names(ab_PR7)[2] <- "montant_06_2020"
names(ab_PR7)[3] <- "montant_06_2019"
names(ab_PR7)[4] <- "montant_12_2019"

names(st_PR7)[1] <- "variable"
names(st_PR7)[2] <- "montant_06_2020"
names(st_PR7)[3] <- "montant_06_2019"
names(st_PR7)[4] <- "montant_12_2019"

how to do it just in once ...thanks in advance


  ~ {
    assign(., setNames(get(.), c(
    )), envir = .GlobalEnv)
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