Need help, I'm stuck with changing color for cells on DT::dataTable - shiny

I am new to shiny/r and trying to change the background color of a cell (DT table) base on value of another cell. I tried using this example from More Examples on Styling Cells, Rows, and Tables
datatable(df) %>% formatStyle(
'V1', 'V6',
backgroundColor = styleEqual(c(0, 1), c('gray', 'yellow'))
But somehow it doesn't seem to work for me

Here's my code :

dt_output = function(title, id) {
12, h1(paste0(title)),
hr(), DTOutput(id)

render_dt = function(data, editable = 'cell', server = TRUE, ...) {
renderDT(data, selection = 'none', server = server, editable = editable, ...)

ui = fluidPage(
downloadButton("mcp_csv", "Download in CSV", class="but"),

dt_output('Cantilever/Membrane Probe Report', 'x9'),
#dt_output('Cantilever/Membrane with Selective Column Edit', 'x10')

server = function(input, output, session) {
d1 = readRDS("cmp.rds")
d9 = d1

output$x9 = render_dt(d9, 'cell', rownames = FALSE, extensions = 'Buttons', options = list(dom = 'Bfrtip', buttons = I('colvis')))
#output$x10 = render_dt(d10, list(target = 'row', disable = list(columns = c(0, 1, 2, 3))))

when the table doesn't contain row names

observeEvent(input$x9_cell_edit, {
d9 <<- editData(d9, input$x9_cell_edit, 'x9', rownames = FALSE)
saveRDS(d9, 'cmp.rds', version = 2)

datatable(d9) %>% formatStyle(
'R/Y/G', 'Y', #'R/Y/G' is the column cell I'm trying to change values for based on column 'Y'
backgroundColor = styleEqual(c(0, 1), c('red', 'yellow'))
I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Maybe it's in the wrong place, I don't know. Also if I needed to change color of column 'R/Y/G' based on three different columns (R, Y, G), based on dynamic input (not hardcoded like 0 and 1) =, how would I implement that?

Update :
If I add this code
dt_d9=datatable(d9) %>% formatStyle(
'R/Y/G', 'Y',
backgroundColor = styleEqual(c(0, 1), c('red', 'yellow'))

and replace

output$x9 = render_dt(d9, 'cell', rownames = FALSE, extensions = 'Buttons', options = list(dom = 'Bfrtip', buttons = I('colvis')))


output$x9 = render_dt(dt_d9, 'cell', rownames = FALSE, extensions = 'Buttons', options = list(dom = 'Bfrtip', buttons = I('colvis')))

I do get the colors on the R/Y/G column, but the edit cell function stops working. The edit cell function can be found here : Double-click to edit table cells

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