Need help on making questions in Dataset

Hello All,

I have a question related to the dataset.
I have got one dataset to visualize but I need to understand from data what all questions I can make to-do analysis in R?

I have tried to visualize with incurred data with the line of business. I wanted to know can I do analysis in this type of dataset? what questions I can make?

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Attached is the dataset

I think your question is overly vague. 'what analysis can I do'

I will restrict my response to practical advise to get started.
if your data is in excel, it would need to be imported with some library, for example openxlsx.
otherwise you could save out the excel to a csv and read it in with base read.csv, or readr::read_csv,

also you have the option of importing it with the Rstudio IDE import helper ' import dataset' in the file menu.

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