Need to filter between date ranges from imported data set

Hi there, I am running into a problem with filtering a data set that I have imported into R. I have been able to filter everything just fine, except for when I want to filter the data by a specified date range.

The data frame is formatted as seen in the picture so lets say I wanted to filter this data in the t30 column and specify a group of rows I wanted to see, by date. What would that code look like, and for whatever reason all the resources I find online aren't assuming I'm using an imported data set and instead a list of vectors.

I'm sure you shared this image with the best intentions, but perhaps you didnt realise what it implies.
If someone wished to use example data to test code against, they would type it out from your screenshot...

This is very unlikely to happen, and so it reduces the likelihood you will receive the help you desire.
Therefore please see this guide on how to reprex data. Key to this is use of either datapasta, or dput() to share your data as code

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