Network analysis based on affiliations from WoS

Hi everyone,

For my research I'm trying to plot a network of affiliations based on publications from the Web of Science. I'm looking into COVID-19 related publications in Oxford and want to compare Oxfords' output with output of other universities in Europe. So I would like to make a network that shows the collaborations of Oxford with other universities. I have the affiliations of the publication and the authors, but no variable that shows the authors with their affiliations. I did a google search and found that with 'metaTagExtraction' I could extract authors' affiliations hoping this could help me making my plot. I put that into Rstudio but it gave me this result:

AU.aff <- metaTagExtraction(Results_EU28, Field = "AU_UN", sep = ";")
Error in RP[] <- M$C1[] : replacement has length zero

I hope someone can help me with this problem. Thanks in advance!

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