New Windows popping up in Full Screen mode after update

When I expand Rstudio to be full screen, anytime I create a new window the new window is full screen. For example, when clicking "open in new window" in the help tab, the new window will popup in full screen. Similarly, if I run a shiny app locally the app will launch expanded to the full screen. Before upgrading my version of Rstudio, any time a new window would be generated it wouldn't default to being full screen. When Rstudio is not expanded/maximized, the new window pops up without taking up the full screen.

Is there anyway for me to change the behavior back to how it was? Please let me know if this is unclear, I had a hard time finding the right vocabulary to describe this bug/issue. I am happy to include screen shots if it would be helpful.

Thanks for your time,

I am using Rstudio Version 1.2.1335 and on OSX 10.14.3 (Mojave).

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