Not able to type in RStudio terminal.

Hello friends,
I am trying to get active "Terminal" (next to Console tab) in RStudio but it seems to be inactive and couldn't type in it just getting the blank Terminal. (neither the cursor blinks). I have set up Terminal as:

Tools -> Terminal -> New Terminal

but this is not working for me.

I also want to know what are the uses of the "Terminal" within RStudio.

Thank you!

In windows I think the most useful application is having git bash console within rstudio, but now that windows have a native ssh client you can interact with a server too, depending on your work flow that could be very useful.

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So Git Bash console could be my alternative to RStudio Terminal?
Will it provide all the functionalities that RStudio Terminal is providing (though I have not used)?

The Terminal provides you with access to your system's command line interface within your RStudio window, i.e. you don't need to launch a separate window, which can be very useful and convenient..

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Rstudio terminal, is just a terminal, you can open a system terminal and have the same functionalities, having it within rstudio is just for convenience.

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You can also try checking the terminal diagnostics, to see if there's any reason why RStudio failed to initialize the terminal.


Yes, tried this. But it is showing this message:

Global Terminal Information

Loaded TerminalSessions: 0

Terminal List Count: 0