Not all installed monotype fonts available as editor fonts

I'm working on Linux (elementary OS 6, based on Ubuntu 20.04) and not all installed monotype fonts are available in the editor settings.

For example, I installed the complete Cascadia Code font family and I would like to use Cascadia Code SemiLight as my editor font. But only the thicker variant Cascadia Code is available in RStudio's settings.

I'm certain that the font family is installed correctly because I can set Cascadia Code SemiLight in the system settings and Visual Studio Code.

Is there a possibility to choose from all installed fonts for the RStudio editor?

Is your SemiLight font variant returned by fc-list? Try the following:

$ { fc-list :mono -f '%{family}\n' & fc-list :dual -f '%{family}\n' & fc-list :charcell -f '%{family}\n'; } 

Yes, your command returns a list of Fonts and Cascadia Code,Cascadia Code SemiLight is among them.

Is there any solution to this problem?

I had an issue with FiraCode a while back; it required a little hack that you can find described in this question FiraCode font not shown in Rstudio's Editor font menu...

I am not certain it is the same issue with your font - I have no experience with Cascadia Code - but you may consider trying it...

Thanks for the suggestion. But Cascadia Code Regular is not that bad that it justifies the effort of going down this road. Especially since I did not find a respective conf file /etc/fonts/conf.d/.

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