Not finding INLA package (not on CRAN) in Actions


My GitHub Actions have recently stopped working and I’m struggling to fix it.
I am using INLA and so specify an extra repo to load its package from.
I’ve updated the yaml for the latest r-lib/actions but still no luck.
I don’t know if this is an issue with pak or R 4.2 or something else.
I way even have hacked at the yaml too much now that there are multiple issues!

Any pointers would be very much appreciated!


This is the workflow:

and relevant part of the output (R-CMD-check · n8thangreen/BCEA@7ecc589 · GitHub):

:information_source: Creating lockfile '.github/pkg.lock'
:heavy_multiplication_x: Creating lockfile '.github/pkg.lock' [19.3s]
Error: Error: <callr_remote_error: Cannot install packages:

  • deps::.: Can't install dependency INLA

This could be a bug in pak. Can you try specifying dependencies: TRUE instead of '"all"'?

Hi, thanks for the help with this. I made your suggested changes and I get the following error (changed "all" to TRUE · n8thangreen/BCEA@c28e177 · GitHub):


[1]Run r-lib/actions/setup-r-dependencies@v2
[19]Run ## Installing pak
[50]Installing pak
[61]Dependency resolution
[62] Error in rs_call(self, private, func, args, package) :
[63]object 'true' not found
[64]Calls: ... -> rs_run_with_output -> -> rs_call
[65] Execution halted
[66] Error: Process completed with exit code 1.

This is the yaml:

Thanks again!


Right. TRUE apparently does not work. This is probably a bug in pak, I'll check it out soon.

Hi Gabor, I'm just seeing if you had the chance to check out if there is a bug in pak or not? Is there anything I can do to help? Thanks again!

See the workaround here: Comparing n8thangreen:dev...gaborcsardi:dev · n8thangreen/BCEA · GitHub

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