Object not found dplyr filter

I want to filter a column of a list, when I do it though it says the column object is not found.

> library(dbplyr)
> college_sum = nba_stats_net$aggregate('[{"$group":{"_id":"$College","Sum":{"$sum":1} ,"Overall": {"$avg":"$Overall"}}}]')
> final_thing = college_sum%>% filter(Sum>5)

It gives me this error

Error in filter(., Sum > 5) : object 'Sum' not found

This is the original list.
Thanks for any help

Be explicit and use

dplyr::filter(Sum > 5)

Update: As below, make sure you are using the full expression
college_sum %>% dplyr::filter(Sum>5)
or in base R:
college_sum[college_sum$Sum > 5, ]


I still get

Error in dplyr::filter(Sum > 5) : object 'Sum' not found

You've loaded dbplyr rather than dplyr. They are different libraries.

You probably want (from dplyr):

college_sum %>% 
  filter(Sum > 5)

# or this
filter(college_sum, Sum > 5)

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