one sided t-test with R. Problem with "less" and "greater"

I would like to compare the means of two groups.
I am not sure if I have to use "less" or "greater" in my code

I have the following two hypothesis:
The job satisfaction of group 17 is higher than the job satisfaction of group 12

Hypothese 2:
The intention to quit of group 17 is lower than the intention to quit in group 12.

Which code to I have to use for those hypothesis?
t.test(data$pv1~data$IND, alternative="less")
t.test(data$pv1~data$IND, alternative="greater")
t.test(data$PR2~data$IND, alternative="less")
t.test(data$PR2~data$IND, alternative="greater")

pv1 = job satisfaction
PR2 = intention to quit
IND: inclues 2 groups (group 12 and group 17)

Hello Michael,

Are you able to share some data for this so we can better help you?

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