options("setWidthOnResize") no longer working for me in official R 4.2.1 (mac)

I've noticed since upgrading to the official R 4.2.1 macos package, the option "setWidthOnResize" no longer has any effect, in either builtin-in Terminal or iterm2 on my Mac. Another mac is running the 4.2.1 build from homebrew, and that works fine. (I had to switch to the official package on the first mac because after upgrading the homebrew formula I could no longer install bbmle due to missing gfortran libraries (dependency on gcc was increased from 10 to 11, but some packages still require gfortran from gcc 10: I couldn't figure out a workaround so switched to the official package which works great in that regard!). Just curious: does anyone know why this might be? I've no idea how to debug it. Thanks!

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