Ordinal logistic regression with interaction

I have a dependent variable donation intention on a 7-point likert scale(1=totally disagree, 7= totally agree), an independent variable which is a dummy (0= price is not framed, 1 = price is framed) and three moderating variables which are prior exposure to payment on a 7-point likert scale (1 = none, 7 = all), hourly salary (continuous number), annual income (These income classes start from less than 10.000€ and then add up by 10.000€ each class until 50.000€ where 50.000€ is added to 100.000€. The second last class is 100.000€ until 200.000€, and the last class is 200.000€ or more).

I want to measure the interaction effects of the moderators on the relationship between the condition and the donation intention all separately, so 3 different analyses (per moderator one analysis). I'm not sure which analysis to use. I think ordinal logistic regression but I'm not sure. Does anyone maybe also have a tip on how to do this in R studio?

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