Package ‘LDheatmap’

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I'm using Package ‘LDheatmap’ for Graphical Display of Pairwise Linkage Disequilibria Between SNPs.
I put the LD measurements on each cell: text If TRUE , the LD measurements are printed on each cell. (you can check how to do it from the link above)
However I'm struggling to change the size of the LD measurements and also to move them in the centre of the allocated square. they are stuck in the corner of each square. please see:

I went through all the literature and information available but was unsuccessful. If anyone knows how to do it your help will be very much appreciated.
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Sorry everyone I found the answer:
grid.edit(gPath("ldheatmap", "heatMap", "heatmaptext"), gp = gpar(cex=2.0))

Thanks anyway!!

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