Package Manager binaries for Debian

I use R in production quite a bit, and pointing our R docker images to the new public RStudio Package Manager repo is incredible, it's saved a huge amount of package install time with the binaries instead of spending 30+ minutes building source packages every time we build a docker image. This has only worked with our Ubuntu-based images, however, and unfortunately, a bunch of our images in production are built on Debian (as it's the base for Rocker and the official Python docker image). Does anyone know if Debian is going to be supported by the Package Manager in the near future?


Hey @dlependorf!! Thanks so much for reaching out here! We have noted your request internally for tracking. We would definitely love to publish debian binaries! It is on our roadmap but doesn't have an ETA unfortunately.

We are also very glad to hear that the Public Package Manager repository has been helpful!! Please do keep us posted if / when you have any other feedback / ideas / questions about Package Manager! :smile:

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