params not found when using knit or run all but running individual chunk works fine.

TIA, apolgies I can't post the whole rmd document (legally)

So I am using params do change to values in an rmd document. My YAML is as follows:

output: pdf_document
    value: 2019
    value: "trip1"  

Further in the code i assign these params to values:

#select the years to work on
YEARS <- params$year

TripID <- params$trip

If i run that chunk on its own it works perfectly, but if i run all or use knit it gives me the error

Error: object 'params' not found

Could there be something in the rest of the document that could be intefering? Or a peice of code I nede to add so params will work with knit etc.

Thanks for the help.

rmd file had rm(list()) to clear the GE and it was removing params. Solved now thankyou

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