Path does not exist error: in folderpath appears sheetname

Hi everyone,

I am working with the "pesticide load indicator" for which a program has been written in R. One of the steps:

I changed the folder name:
match.ppdb(substances, products, "C:/Users/burgt.../ppdb.xlsx", healthrisk_off = TRUE)

Unfortunately R gives the following error:
Error: path does not exist: ‘C:/Users/burgt.../ppdb.xlsx/Human.xlsx’

The last part: Human.xlsx is popping up, but why? In the folder there is a sheet called Human.

Does someone know what is going wrong and how to fix it?

Thanks , Eva

I have never used whatever package you are using but, as a guess, I would not include the file name in the folder argument. That is, set folder to "C:/Users/burgt.../".
I do not know if the file must be named Human.xlsx or if that is merely the default.

Maybe you need set the working directory.
And check the sheets in the excel file, try work with only 1 sheet for each file.

setdw() # run and select the working diretory (the folder)

Other tips is work with file.choose(). you need select the excel file path. Copy and paste the path in match.ppdb().


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