Permission Denied When Changing Global Options


I'm new to R Studio, and whenever I attempt to change any of the global options I get the 'Error Permission Denied' message.

I've uninstalled both R and R Studio several times (by dragging the program to the trash from my applications folder, then emptying the trash) but each time it comes back with the same problem.

What is the problem, and how can I fix it?

I am using an older Macbook Air running OS 10.13.4

Thank you

A bit more information:
It seems to be a permissions problem.
The problem only seems to exist on my user account on the mac.
I have two admin users set up on my computer, and I installed R Studio using my admin account. I've tried it in the applications folder and also in the applications folder for just my account.

I have gone through all the files associated with R Studio and made sure that I have writing permission..

But still every time I uninstall and reinstall, using a third party program that is supposed to wipe all files, the app comes back with a memory of all my recently opened files.. So there is some hidden files on my computer that I don't seem to be able to delete and replace.

Does anyone know exactly where the preferences are saved on a mac? I could look at that specific file and see if the permissions are OK.

If someone could please help - this is driving me absolutely insane

Hey I am having the same problem and this is extremely frustrating.

Did you get to figure out how to fix this issue?

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