Persistant Local Storage

Hey community, I have a question about Persistent Storage on Shinyapps io. I have a deplyed app that works in conjunction with a sqlite database that was uploaded upon deployment. The user uses normal inputs to update the sqlite database. When the instance sleeps, upon reawakening the new data is gone and the original sqlite database is loaded.

I know this was talked about in many documents from Shinyapps io. It says "If you use, SQLite is already installed on the shinyapps io server, which will be a handy feature in future versions of Shinyapps io, which will include persistent local storage."

Why list this under Persistent Storage if it isn't yet? I was just wondering if someone had ANY knowledge on why this not implemented not or if I am just missing something. I will try commenting on all social media as well. Thanks R community, I am disappointed with Shinyapps io, but think the R community in general is amazing!