pkgdown / add additional static html file?


I have an R package that is using pkgdown to general HTML docs, and I'm using github actions to push this to gh-pages. This was very easy and quite nice.

My R package generates HTML reports from sequence data. I have one example report checked into the github repo as a static file. It takes a lot of data to make a useful example, so I dont want to build that HTML example on-the-fly during the R package build. It is possible I could somehow include this as a proper R vignette, but at the moment it's just an extra file in the repo:

Is there a way to get pkgdown to somehow include this file in the resulting HTML docs? If I could at least get pkgdown to copy that HTML file into ./docs in a consistent location, then I could reference it from the README (akin to copying a static image file). I tried adding 'resource_files' to _pkgdown.yml (, but this didnt seem to do anything.

One second consideration is that if I do link to this static file from README, I would like that link to work when the README is rendered at the root of my github project, and also when it's used as index.html of the pgkdown output.

I am considering a) researching whether I should somehow make this HTML example into a proper vignette (the HTML isnt really a vignette, but the output from a vignette), or b) see if pgkdown/resource_files can be used. Are there standard ways to make this work? Thanks for any help or ideas.