Plans for a python connectapi package?

You folks are already developing this lovely package: GitHub - rstudio/connectapi: An R package for interacting with the RStudio Connect Server API

I am wondering if there are any plans to develop something similar for python?

The api is very well documented here: Posit Connect API Reference so maybe that means it won't be. Did want to ask though.

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We don't have anything in the works right now, but it's definitely a project under consideration. What sorts of workflows would you be looking to use it for?

Given that python is the "second best language for everything", working with Connect, one frequently finds themselves at the point where Connect is a place where a project switches from python to R.

Lots of orchestration and CI code is written in python and since deploying and triggering renders before getting into Connect, it can be nice not to have to install R just to do those steps. That way, those responsible for maintaining orchestration code can stay in the same language from "doing X thing" to using Connect.

So I guess the workflow is to accommodate how much python there is out there.

For sure. Thanks for reaching out about it. I appreciate the feedback -- I really like hearing what folks are using the server API for in general as well.

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