plot_gg dont output 3d graphic

plot_gg(ggobj) dont popup the output of the 3d graphic
scatter3d neither

working with linux mint 20.1 RStudio Version 1.4.1106

Can you provide a reproducible example?

I assume that you are using rayshader.

ima trying:

scatter3d(notas_financas ~ notas_custos + notas_marketing,
data = notasfatorial,
surface = FALSE,
point.col = "dodgerblue4",
axis.col = rep(x = "black",
times = 3),
bg.col = "white")

#the code is good
#libs are up
in windows, its works fine
but in linux mint nothing hapens

Is this a conflit between packages?

Im trying this code:

plot_gg(ggobj = test_1,
multicore = TRUE,
width = 6,
height = 6,
scale = 300,
background = "white",
shadowcolor = "dodgerblue4")

nothing happens in linux mint ubuntu based, in windows 10 a window popsup with the graphic in 3d.

Not sure if there is a conflict.

I was just confirming if you were using rayshader because you didn't state what packages you were using.

Im using rayshader, ggplot, rgl, tidyverse... And others