Plot panel size


Is there a way to set precisely the width and height of the plot panel into Rstudio ?
Doing so, I can have a clear preview of what my graphic will look like if I save it with the same dimensions.


Do you mean programmatically? If not, the default dimensions if you click on Export >> Save as Image

is the same as what you see in the plot pane, I believe.

The plot preview won't look quite the same as when you save it due to text sizes, etc. You are best off saving plots and modifying your parameters until you get what you want.

Hi Mara,

No, that's not what I mean. I am talking about setting the dimensions of the plot panel occurring at the lower right portion of your screen.

I know how to set the dimensions of the output, but I want to set these dimensions to the plot panel available directly into the main set of panels.

Using your example with the "Save plot as Image" window. If you set a specific width and height, you can push the button "Update preview" to resize the preview area.

What I want to do is strictly the same, but with the plot panel available in the lower right quadrant of the main interface of Rstudio.

Doing so, I don't need to use the export function to be able to see what my graphic will look like.

Hope it is a little more clearer



Hi Arno,

I understand what you're saying now, but don't know of a way to resize the pane by dimensions. Someone else might, though!

Hmm, maybe I misunderstand — are you referring to the pane that's part of the IDE? (not the pop-out, but the Viewer Pane — boxed in pink, below)

Yes, I am referring to this part of the IDE !


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