Plotting multiple columns on a same plot

Hello everyone!

I am working with a dataset that looks similar to the sample_df below:

sample_df <- data.frame(
  Date = c("2018-01-01", "2018-01-02", "2018-01-03", "2018-01-04", "2018-01-05"),
  A = c(3304, 3223, 3138, 3090, 3088),
  B = c(5951, 5972, 5981, 5957, 5973),
  C = c(1629, 1592, 1578, 1566, 1577),
  D = c(2380, 2401, 2408, 2402, 2399)

I want to see if there is a relationship between column A, B, and D by plotting a line graph with with three lines representing A, B, and D columns (we are gonna ignore column C for now). Note that the Y-axis should represent the "Date and the X-axis should be the unit of column A, B, and C. The graph should also have a legend and a way to distinguish three lines.

I reckon that I am gonna have to use "ggplot" but I can only create three separate line graphs. So it would be great if you could teach me a way to combine all three on a same plot.

Thank you!

I would do it something like this

(prepped_data <- select(sample_df,
                        -C) |> mutate(Date=as.Date(Date)) |> 

ggplot(data=prepped_data  |> arrange(Date),
           colour=name)) + geom_line() + 
  scale_x_date(date_labels="%Y %b %d") + 
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