Plotting two x - axis and two y - axis to generate a H-R diagram

Hi everyone,
I am needing your help with an issue on ggplot I don't seem to find a solution, I hope you can help me figure it out.
Basically I'm trying to reproduce a H-R diagram that display spectral_class, temperature, luminosity and magnitude. I have all this variables but I don't know the code to display all of them in one plot.
The plot I would like to reproduce is like this one:

The simple answer is that you cannot do this (easily) with ggplo2.

You can add secondary axes, but these must be one-for-one transformations:

I don't know enough about your data to understand whether these transformations are possible.

A more complicated answer is that you can produce any dual-axis plots but that means hacking into the grid system, which requires more advanced expertise.

The base plotting system may be more straightforward for you in this case.

Hi @martin.R thanks for the quick reply.
I was aware of the suggestion you made but wasn't actually my case since I wanted to plot two numerical variables and two categorical.
I for now dropped the idea to plot multiple axis and just used color for one categorical variable and shapes for the other one. It's not as pleasant as I wished but it did its job anyway.

Btw thanks again for your kind answer!

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