Pokedex - Shiny Contest Submission


Authors: Mateo Graciano

Abstract: A pokedex with a lot of extra data!

If you are a pokemon fan you have to try this out! Select the pokemon that you want to see and explore some stats! Navigate through different visualizations using the row control.

Full Description: I build this app with 3 purposes:

  1. Make a great front: I wanted to learn a bit of css. I have used shiny for several years but i ve never used css before!
  2. Make something with JavaScript
  3. Have fun building the app!

The app has the following visualizations:

Overall Comparison

This is the first visual that you will get, here you can see how good/bad is a stat of a given pokemon. Do you think that Pikachu is too fast??? find out seeing the speed boxplot!

Well... pikachu is pretty fast but has a pretty low attack/sp attack (ash please look this stats ... )

Evolution Chain

Find out what you should expect of a pokemon evolution

For example you should expect a better attack but not a fast pokemon if you get a Gyarados

Poke 5-mean (my favorite module)

Here you will make 5 clusters using the selected features, then you will see a projection of the 2 main PCA components of every pokemon:

pokemon go

This module is made expecting to obtain real data, the idea is that the app will plot where to capture the pokemon near your location.

Right now you will get a pseudo-random sample.


Choose your opponent and see how good (or bad) would be a fight against that pokemon:

Keywords: pokemon, css, javascript
Shiny app: http://mateodii.shinyapps.io/shinypoke
Repo: GitHub - magralo/shinypoke
RStudio Cloud: RStudio Cloud


Full image:

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