Posit/Rstudio Connect - configuring boards for pins...

We're using pins more and more in our R code.

As we do this, I'm trying to work out how to admin the Posit Connect / RStudio Connect side of pins.

I can't seem to find out much info about pins inside the Connect admin and user guides. So I'm wondering if anyone on here can assist with:

  • is there any way to create multiple named boards inside the Posit/RStudio Connect server - or is the server limited to being one big folder?

  • is there a way to configure our Connect servers to not version pins by default, and to not allow clients to turn versioning on? We're not keen on the clients turning versioning on/off at the board level and at the pin level using parameters - especially with a recent rogue client we found updating a pin version several times an hour

  • where can we configure the setting for "If your RSC instance allows it, you can share a pin publicly by setting the access type to all" which I've seen on Use RStudio Connect as board — board_rsconnect • pins ? We'd like to disable this public pin setting.

It feels like I might just have missed a documentation page/section somewhere - so please feel free to just link to it with a ReadTheManual comment :+1:


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Howdy @slodge! Good to see you :smile:

Unfortunately the first two items are areas where Connect will need some improvement, I believe.

Your relevant options I am aware of are here:

  • Jobs.MaxCompleted - a "global," "all-content types" max number of jobs completed (per content item). Unfortunately not granular enough to target just pins
  • Applications.MostPermissiveAccessType - if you set this to acl, then that should restrict folks allowing to set all applications to "public." Unfortunately, there is also not a "per content type" mechanism for filtering these types of controls

I will pass this feedback upstream! It would definitely be great to have some more granularity / control over pins on Connect!




Will set those two settings...

(Same old request) If there's anyway to expose the roadmap schedule on those items, then that'd be fab :+1:

Currently busy breaking Plumber... but doing more in pins too :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info


PS Shout if you're ever coming to London!

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Just to let you know we've set the Applications.MostPermissiveAccessType (and its friend AdminMostPermissiveAccessType)

I have kept away from the Jobs.MaxCompleted one for now - just doesn't quite "feel right" - so would need to a bit of actual testing on it. My brain is just not sure why a pin is a job... I need to logon and have a sniff around how pins are actually stored on disk I guess :slight_smile:

Thanks - will get around to all the settings eventually... :+1:

Nice, good to know!!

I actually mixed up Jobs.MaxCompleted represents "jobs" (the logs, stdout, stderr stuff).

pins are actually just static "bundles" / ".tar.gz"s, so Applictions.BundleRetentionLimit is actually the setting you want for pins.

However, it will affect "how many old versions of a Shiny app / Flask API / etc." would be retained as well :disappointed:

The other way to handle this is to use the API to create a "worst offenders" report and then use shame as the motivator :rofl:

We do need to figure out a way to publicize roadmap more. We've had some ruminating internally but no solution yet. Thanks for staying on us there :slight_smile: And I'll definitely keep you posted - it's been a long time since I've been across the pond!

Aside - the other thing that is sometimes limited is "Renderings:" output from a rendering process. Applications.RenderingSweepLimit

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Drats - I almost asked about the Sweep limits... but thought it'd come across as a stupid question... If only I'd asked, I've have come across as knows-what-hes-talking-about instead!

Ah well... next time :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update

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is there any way to create multiple named boards inside the Posit/RStudio Connect server - or is the server limited to being one big folder?

The more we use pins, the more we want this sort of stuff... we'd also really love to see pins created without user names (and we're trying to move to vanity urls and to work around the auth issues there - see (DRAFT) Read from Connect Vanity Urls by slodge · Pull Request #696 · rstudio/pins-r · GitHub)

Sorry... always asking for more :slight_smile: