Posit/Rstudio Connect - configuring boards for pins...

We're using pins more and more in our R code.

As we do this, I'm trying to work out how to admin the Posit Connect / RStudio Connect side of pins.

I can't seem to find out much info about pins inside the Connect admin and user guides. So I'm wondering if anyone on here can assist with:

  • is there any way to create multiple named boards inside the Posit/RStudio Connect server - or is the server limited to being one big folder?

  • is there a way to configure our Connect servers to not version pins by default, and to not allow clients to turn versioning on? We're not keen on the clients turning versioning on/off at the board level and at the pin level using parameters - especially with a recent rogue client we found updating a pin version several times an hour

  • where can we configure the setting for "If your RSC instance allows it, you can share a pin publicly by setting the access type to all" which I've seen on Use RStudio Connect as board — board_rsconnect • pins ? We'd like to disable this public pin setting.

It feels like I might just have missed a documentation page/section somewhere - so please feel free to just link to it with a ReadTheManual comment :+1:


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Howdy @slodge! Good to see you :smile:

Unfortunately the first two items are areas where Connect will need some improvement, I believe.

Your relevant options I am aware of are here:

  • Jobs.MaxCompleted - a "global," "all-content types" max number of jobs completed (per content item). Unfortunately not granular enough to target just pins
  • Applications.MostPermissiveAccessType - if you set this to acl, then that should restrict folks allowing to set all applications to "public." Unfortunately, there is also not a "per content type" mechanism for filtering these types of controls

I will pass this feedback upstream! It would definitely be great to have some more granularity / control over pins on Connect!




Will set those two settings...

(Same old request) If there's anyway to expose the roadmap schedule on those items, then that'd be fab :+1:

Currently busy breaking Plumber... but doing more in pins too :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info


PS Shout if you're ever coming to London!

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