Postgresql Database drivers and

Is it possible to deploy a Shiny application that will allow database access via the PostgreSQL ASNSI drivers once deployed to

It is possible in my development environment using the method below along with the PostgreSQL ODBC drivers but it fails when the app is deployed.
I assume this is because the hosting servers at are not configured with ODBC drivers.

    con <- eventReactive(input$testconn, {
        x <- DBI::dbConnect(odbc::odbc(),
                            Driver   = "PostgreSQL ANSI",
                            Server   = input$server,
                            Database = input$database,
                            UID      = input$username,
                            PWD      = input$password,
                            Port     = input$port)


        df1 <- reactive({
            myData <- dbSendQuery(con(), "SELECT* FROM dbtable ;")
            returned = dbFetch(myData)

Hopefully this has not already been answered elsewhere, Shiny development and R are very new to me.

Both the standard PostgreSQL ODBC driver and the RStudio Professional Drivers, including PostgreSQL support, are available on

See the Accessing Databases with ODBC section of the documentation for more details.

If you are still having issues, please include details such as the error message you are receiving, so that we might help you further.