Problem changing symlink in order to alternate versions of R framework

I was using 3.5 and I needed to use 3.4.x for the loomR package (I need to make .loom files). I first checked my old versions and saw I already had 3.4 installed, presumably an old version I had updated from. By the way, I'm pretty sure I installed R originally through RStudio. So I downloaded RSwitch to alternate between these, but it told me 3.4 was an 'incomplete' version. Ok! So I download 3.4.4 and install. Now R switch tells me 3.5 is incomplete! So I dug into this article:

I learned a bit about symlinks, and I try to replace or modify the "Current" alias directory so that it will point to the right R framework. This doesn't work, and Rstudio can't find any framework. I replaced the old file so 3.4.4 is currently running. I could be missing something about symlinks, but I did some test runs and I thought I figured them out. Here are the directories:

Is there a way to finish the job? Can I just get back to 3.5 if not? If neither, can I do a fresh install of everything to get multiple versions running in the future? Thanks!

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