problem integrate function and plotting this function

I have three functions (K2, K3, K3),
I would like to plot fp function of p (proportion) for K2 in the same drawing for K3 and K4, however, I have a problem in fp, I don't know where's the problem.

K2 <- function(s) {(15/8)*(1-s^2)^2}
K3 <- function(s) {(35/16)*(1-s^2)^3} 
K4 <- function(s) {(315/128)*(1-s^2)^4}

fp <- function(p){
  (integrate(function(s){s^(-(1/p)+1)}*(K2)^2, 0, 1))$v-(p/(2*p-1))
p=seq(0.1, 0.99, by=0.01)
plot(p,fp,type="l",col="blue", ylim=c(-0.5,0.5), ylab="", lwd = 1)

Thank you advance.

I see 2 problems at first look.

  1. $v appears but seems to be undefined.
  2. K2 is a function but not used as one within fp definition, it is treated like a number which it is not, its a function that would need to be passed a parameter on order to be evaluated to a number.

Thank you for your reply, you can help me

I don't know how I solve this problem.
. Please, can you help me?

K2 <- function(s) {(15/8)*(1-s^2)^2}  

f <- function(p){
  g <-(function(s){s^(-(1/p)+1)})*(K2)^2
  integrate(g, 0.01, 1)$v-(p/(2*p-1))
p=seq(0.6, 0.99, by=0.01)
plot(p,f,type="l",col="blue", ylab="", lwd = 1)

Thank you

Because you haven't explained your intentions in detail , helping you is a guessing game... but I will guess.

Probably replace this with (K2(s))^2

Thank you
I found my problem : () and (K2(s))^2

g <-function(s){s^(-(1/p)+1)*(K2(s))^2}

my language English is bad.

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